Company Sponsored Retirement Plans

Are you looking for a retirement plan provider who will offer you fiduciary liability management, actively monitored and bench marked investment options, superior employer/employee service, and a plan design that benefits employees of all income levels?

In today’s competitive job market, it’s increasingly difficult to attract, retain, and motivate high quality personnel, especially with the competition offering high salaries and enhanced benefits to lure away your valuable employees. Now your company can gain a competitive advantage by offering a cutting edge retirement program that helps you and your employees with their retirement planning and asset management needs.

Davidson Capital Management, Inc. is dedicated to our plan sponsors and plan participants to help them maximize their retirement plan. We have uncovered a true need for a comprehensive retirement plan manager that not only manages the retirement savings needs of employees, but a retirement plan manager that assists a plan sponsor navigate through their fiduciary liability.  We understand that one size plan does not fit all and with more than 25 years of combined retirement plan experience we can develop a retirement plan that best suits your needs as a plan sponsor.

Qualified Plans Available:

Profit Sharing Plan
457 Governmental Plan
403(b) / 501(c)3 Plan
Defined Benefit Plan

Fiduciary Services:

Customized 401(k) plan design including utilization of ERISA council
3(38) discretionary investment fiduciary
3(21) investment co-fiduciary
3(16) administrative fiduciary network

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